Travis CI - Distributed CI for the masses!


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Anonymous at 18:47 on 8 Jun 2012

Good talk on Travis CI, entertaining and insightful

Josh is real entertainer. He even made people dance!
The high level overview of the was a good approach. Sometimes the presentation sounded a bit like a sales pitch though...
Overall good talk about a very promising tool!

I have no idea what he was talking about!
He had a cool shirt and a moustache.
I think his name was Travis.


I was truly amazed to see this cool Travis thing in action, and by Travis I don't mean Josh, although his actions were pretty cool too:)

I am looking forward to the day I contribute to ZF2 and actually see it's test fail in Travis because I broke something and then succeed again after I rushed a fix in. Absolute amazing way of thinking you guys have and a great server setup.

Anonymous at 09:24 on 10 Jun 2012

I was bashed for not testing my code, but I guess it's a good thing this is done. Because I know I should be doing something about this and I am working on it.
Good speaking style, but the subject just didn't stick. I think I missed some overviews or something.

Entertaining talk. Josh seems like a great comedian, salesman, (hippie) and developer.

Good to get some insights about the architecture and future plans. Think Travis will have an similar impact on community / open source development as github did.

A stylish and entertaining introduction to continuing integration and TravisCI. Great to see how easy it can be to set up CI for a Github project. The talk ran a bit short though and could have used some more examples of adding CI to fairly complex projects. Some comparison with existing CI systems would be welcome too.

It was an amazing presentation from a guy who really loves what he is doing. This project can not fail. Travis, is one more good reason for me to contribute to open source.