Build RESTful JSON API's with HAL


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i like your approach and point of view in this topic. Too bad we ran out of time but you were really enthousiastic and helpful! good job and good talk!

the exercises could be a little more worked out perhaps. i noticed that alot of people (including me) didn't actually code the stuff we we're supposed too. On the other hand, you did make us aware of what needs to be done building a good rest api :)

Great tutorial Matthew! Really hands-on, which worked pretty well. There are some things you could improve. I loved the extensive documentation for the exercises, you prepped really well. Maybe next time skip some of the exercises or try and get some startup code in place for people to use. Also I think some of the exercises (like the 4th one) could be integrated with other exercises. They will get bigger, but if you give a basis to start with, then it shouldn't take more time. Also, to me the first exercises were a bit simple (knowing json pretty well already). But I know that is because you don't really know the audience up front.

Thanks Matthew! You got me up and running with HAL. Knew only little about it and now I know quite a bit more. You made it clear that HAL+JSAON/XML is the next level in API programming.
The exercises helped a lot and I will repeat the onxe more this week when I process all the info that I have taken in these three days.

I like your relaxed way of talking. The workshop was pragmatic and hands-on, which I liked. The exercises were a bit hard to keep up with in the short amount of time. Was great to hear some stuff about REST, HAL, HTTP best practices and how to implement it all in one application.

It was a great idea to keep the exercises framework agnostic, but a little more structure would have helped, especially in the beginning.