Cheater's Math


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Anonymous at 15:11 on 7 Jun 2013

Very nice, interesting to listen too. Few laughs in between en the stories of experiences were very interesting and a joy to listen too. Very nice :)

A glimpse into the thought process of developers solving hard problems with creative solutions--all for the forces of darkness.

Fun talk.

Fun and interesting!

Enjoyable talk about how to write a cheating engine-engine for iOS apps. The narrative is esp. nice.

Shame about ATK though. X)

Fun talk by a very experienced speaker.

Only feedback I can think of is to bring a laser pointer next time ;).

Good talk, I liked to hear the story on how the project developed

Wow! Nice talk! Who knew cheating can be that much fun!

Great story, and loved to see how you the product and your approach evolved under changing circumstances.

Great and funny talk! The only feedback i can think of is when you talk fast you get out of breath, which can be a litte bit distracting.

Fun and interesting story. Liked your approach to all the problems you encountered. Slow down a bit though, that would make it easier to listen and enjoy the story for your audience.

Interesting to see how you created those games and you described the whole process very well. And games is always a good subject :)