Emergent Design with phpspec


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Anonymous at 14:11 on 8 Jun 2013

Very nice talk about phpspec and emergent design, altough Marcello looked nervous in the start he really made the talk fun!

Anonymous at 14:15 on 8 Jun 2013

Really great talk. Nice demos and funny presentation.

Anonymous at 14:35 on 8 Jun 2013

Funny, entertaining presentation which touches really well on code smells, design principles, etc. and how phpspec can aid you if you're a PHP dev.

Anonymous at 14:37 on 8 Jun 2013

Very nice eplanation of principles of emergent design

Great talk, great tool

Absolutely stunning! It will change the way I work!

Thoroughly enjoyed this talk; it was witty, hilariously funny at times and very interesting in the meantime. Good explanation of the need to test and refactor in agile projects too.
Marcello's enthusiasm and explanation made me want to jump right in and start using phpspec immediately. It looks to be a great (and indeed fun to use) tool!

Great talk. Loved Marcello's passion. Like I said on twitter can't wait to start using this tool.

The best talks happen when you get the perfect combination of a great passionate speaker who's, talking about an awesome topic. This was one of those talks.

A lot of knowledge in all areas came out in a very natural way.
Not to convinced about full TDD and phpspec but I learned a lot of useful stuff nevertheless.

Absolutely the most pleasant surprise of the whole convention. Marcello is *hilarious* while still driving home his message, and the message itsself is also very interesting. Being coached ahead instead of pushed back by your testing framework is very very interesting. Loved it!

Great presentation, obviously Marcello is really passionate about his work. Also very funny.

Bit of a messy start, mostly due to speach mistakes. Awesome how you included basic Agile principles and YAGNI. Would like to see some more about scenario driven tests though.

Nice presentation of the subject while showing the speaker's passion. It was fun to listen to!