Extra Workshop: Advanced Symfony2


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Anonymous at 14:22 on 7 Jun 2013

It was a pretty decent tutorial but not what I had hoped for. The first half was too basic for an advanced talk. The second half was a lot better though.

Tip for the speaker: Next time put up your example application for download before the conference and tell people the requirements.

Thanks for your feedback. I didn't expect the wifi to be so bad yesterday morning. I decided to change the tutorial example application at the last minute and I was not able to upload the full source package on a FTP server with the Internet connection.

Hugo explained well what the problem with Dependency Injection is and how to solve it in Symfony2.
Later he also talked about cache methodologies.

The only real downer was, just as the attendee before me already commented, that because of the wifi, I could not get a proper application on my machine going.

Actually, I would still like to have the example code that was used during the workshop: where can I get it?

I was also a bit disappointed about the content. The cache part was interesting though. I would also say to always provide users with some download link and/or requirements before doing a workshop.