Extra Workshop: Code Review for Security


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Really nice talk with some eye-opening realizations tossed in.

It would be nice to have at least some bullet point slides, but the talk was memorable enough without.

Great introduction on how to review code for (potential) security issues. Very hands-on, with some really cool examples from the field. I liked that.

Anthony is very knowledgable and guided the workshop very well!

A really good workshop that helped a lot. I thought I was quite knowledgeable on security, but some things really opened up my eyes. Having to review for security myself Anthony's tips will save me some valuable time.

I would not sell this talk as for beginners though, but for intermediairs. Although things are very thoroughly explained, some prerequisites are made both with regards to security and up to date PHP knowledge (e.g. I am familiar with the concept of ArrayIterators, but have never used them myself, which made an example quite hard to follow).

Overall I really enjoyed the workshop, it was my personal highlight for this conference.