How to remove PHP calls and scale your site like crazy!


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Excellent talk, I'm going to take the lessons from this talk and look into using Nginx with the SCL feature as soon as it is available. Impressive feature!

Great talk, nice comparisons used as introduction. Can't wait for SCL to be released!

Cool new extension to nginx, I'm really curious to see how this gets adopted when you guys roll it out. Definitely a lot of use cases out there for which it would be highly relevant. nginx FTW!

Anonymous at 11:49 on 7 Jun 2013

Interesting stuff. Having different parts in an infrastructure consuming same data in shared memory isn't new, however SCP opens a new range of possibilities. Would of been nice to combine the upcoming Varnish talk with this one about SCP. Like to continue to talk about eCommerce and solutions for the large amount of variations of a single webpage (category A, filters X Y Z, user specifics (currency)...

Great talk! Nicely presented, with good use of the slides. Although the subject is very technical, Wim did an awesome job engaging the audience. Would love to see more about the SCL feature in the future.

At DPC13 a lot of talks about caching en nginx, just like this one. A great overview. The SCL features look promising so will keep an eye on that. Great talks, made a clear point.

Excellent, very informing and inspirational! Time to ditch apache.

As being one of the major theme's across the various topics this fit right in! Would have liked to see a 'complete' picture as well from Thys' Varnish and Nginx talks into this one. Also got me excited to see the new opensource work you guys are working on!

Great stuff!

Anonymous at 09:10 on 27 Jun 2013

Interesting intro to some new stuff for me. Good speaker - made the relatively complex material very accessible.