Introduction to Lisp


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I didn't learn much, but that is clearly not Igor's fault. It was fun *attempting* to figure out Lisp, and It was a very good presentation.

Fun talk, probably won't ever start with learning lisp. I like to be able to read the code I wrote 10 seconds ago :-)

What was shown was ridiculous, and Igor is insane.

Awesome talk.

Anonymous at 18:29 on 7 Jun 2013

Mindblowing and amazing. Fun to take a look at lisp! :)

Really interesting to see what you can do with Lisp. Igor is a good, natural presenter. I liked the way he made us think about converting higher level language concepts to lower level concepts, and even lower. Then back up again to rewrite the Lisp language with Lisp.

Lisp looks like a language that, if you want to create your own functional language, you would like to do something similar.
Igor is insane, but sane enough to show how crazy this language is. Good talk :)

The presentation is good by itself, very informative and sufficiently detailed. Igor is a good and entertaining speaker, hats off to him.
Unfortunately, I did not understand what the point of presenting LISP on a PHP web conference was. I have done some programming in AutoLISP for AutoCAD in the past so that I'm pretty well acquainted with the language and I expected to see some examples as to how PHP could be enhanced with LISP techniques or something like that. My expectations were not met - the presentation was exactly about what the title describes. Should have attended another talk instead.

Great talk by a natural speaker. I loved the little examples about the possibilities if PHP had lisp-like macros.

Igor entertained the audience while explaining a warped concept like Lisp in a very relaxed manner. The images where *super* simple and yet I left with the notion of the possibilities.. like a spark of something shiny and valuable in the distance.. something I've never seen before when looking at functional languages..
PS: It turns out: defmacro is indeed a macro

Minds were blown. Definitely a 5-star talk.

But in a v2 of this talk, I would like to see more parallels with PHP. More practical examples would help too.

What I remembered from this talk is that LISP can do a lot for you with a limited set of language constructs. It also seems to be great for map/reduce and processing complex data in general.

Good job, but looking forward to a v2 with some minor improvements.

Nice presentation, just a bit too heavy on the 'crazy'. The 'what if PHP had macros' bits were recognisible, but, as said, the link with PHP could be bigger. We are at a PHP conference, right :).

Anonymous at 09:24 on 24 Jun 2013

I would have preferred the talk to be a bit more streamlined so it could have gone deeper.