Introduction to Modules in Zend Framework 2 (tutorial)


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Anonymous at 12:52 on 6 Jun 2013

Despite the lack of sleep:-) a good and solid talk.

Thans for the very insightfull and understandable tutorial. It was definatly a very good way of sparking the interest to get started coming with zf2

Intresting tutorial.
didn't rush trough and also not to slow.
A pitty that there where network problems(which is your fault, but extreamly generous to enable an acces point from your gsm(even if i didn't get in).

Great tutorial. Evan did a great job keeping the pace and keeping us entertained. This tutorial has piqued my interest in ZF2.


Very clear and easy to follow tutorial . Good balance between talk and exercises.

I didn't know anything about ZF2 yet and could perfectly follow the tutorial. Really has me interested in trying ZF2. The module system is definitely powerful and a great addition to ZF. Thanks Evan!

Well done tutorial, and also quite entertaining. Too bad that the Wi-Fi broke in the very wrong moment :-)