Let's have a look at PHP5.5


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 12:32 on 8 Jun 2013

A nice overview of what's new and what's happening in php development. The opening of how to contribute could be a bit more compact.

I liked the call to action for contributors and the explanation of the RFC process.

Very nice overview, good talk, although the intro about community could be shorter. Good speaker!

Rated 2

Anonymous at 13:50 on 8 Jun 2013

I found it hard to follow a lot of what happened, due to a lot of internal speaking. Julien also has the habit of mentioning things over and over again, which can be very boring and tedious.
I think the talk could use some more structure and less text on screen.

Could do with a bit less evangelism. Good talk though.

Nice talk, The speaker moves "kind of nervously" with his hands but talk was good.

The hands are a bit of distracting, but the core of the presentation was good. Intro could indeed have been shorter, so more time would have been left for examples.