Modern HTTP Architecture


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Maybe change the title to 'API driven design'? If you're not keen on the term 'Service Oriented Architecture'. I think you were correct in identifying that PHP programmers don't like 'Enterprise' :)

Over all I liked the talk. I liked your real world example. Good presentation style.

I'm not sure SOA would've been a turnoff.. But, nice presentation skills and good content.

I also find the title of the talk slightly off. Nevertheless, the material was well presented. Besides, I had checked out what the topic would be about in the iPad application for the conference.

Liked the talk, but didn't hear anything new or had any new insights and I don't feel like I know a lot about the subject.

Anonymous at 10:22 on 10 Jun 2013

Entertaining talk. Inspiring, but... It reminded me too much of "Does My Bus Look Big In This?" by Martin Fowler and Jim Webber.

The Linux-philosophy applied to Web Services is a very interesting concept, though.

Interesting concepts, kick-ass speaker, but I expected a bit more.

It was a bit disappointing that the only message was "use SOA". But that was the only disappointment, because Travis did tell a compelling story that I will definitely remember.

Talk was lacking a bit of a message.
I was expecting more about architecture and got more or less "SOA". Which was disappointing.
Didn't really hear something new or with a different angle.

Anonymous at 09:31 on 27 Jun 2013

A brave attempt to reconcile two worlds of coding. Made the point that SOA is an important step for the php community. Would have liked a bit more detail fromt here, however.

Good speaker with an interesting background.