Nginx: The power within


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Very nice talk, as expected!

A nice talk, would've liked a 1.5 hour version of it, but that was all you could do in 45 minutes.

Good talk that does a proper job of explaining very nice features of Nginx. Learned a lot.

I liked the talk, but the first time that set_quote_sql_str popped up on the screen, I had to wince a little bit :-)

Really cool talk with good content, now I really should start using nginx!

Very good speaker; good looking slides with the right amount of code; and while we've been using Nginx for a few years - this was very informative on it's possibilities.

Great overview of nginx features. Started playing with it right away on a dev environment.

Nice overview of nginx features. Food for thought.

Excellent talk, lots of really useful tips that can be fed back. Nginx is being used more and more, and it's incredible what it can do.

As a speaker, Helgi is very confident, which is always a big plus point. The talk is well delivered and rehearsed. The slides were very clear, easy to read and without putting too much information on screen. I liked the use of the short URLs for linking to extra details

No bad things to say really. Helgi is a good speaker, the presentation was clear, the slide were fine.
Good overview on you can do with Nginx, but I can't say I agree on that you should do some of those things using Nginx

Very useful talk, inspired me to dive deeper.

Thorough walk through the possibilities of nginx.

Nice advanced overview of what is possible with Nginx.
Some om the shown features could have included a warning that it might not be a really good idea to do it.