Reverse caching proxies: Varnish or Nginx?


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Nice talk, time always flies when Thijs is talking, never is boring and nice to see him interact with the audience

Thijs improved his speaking a lot! Really liked his talk and learned a bunch of cool stuff. Since I am already using Nginx with SSL I am going to try to use the caching as well thanks to Thijs is talk.

Good overview on both engines with enough information provided to assess which one will better fit your needs.

Great talk and great speaker. Nice to see the diiferences and points of common of these two great tools. I learnt lots of new stuff :)

Good introduction on the reverse caching features of Varnish and Nginx. I already knew a lot about Varnish, but a lot less about Nginx. So this comparison was very useful for me, and I even picked up one nice Varnish tip!

Clear, nice and interesting talk.

Good talk, clear and enthusiastic speaker. Now have to convince a number of people to start using either of the tools.

Very good talk and speaker. Although the most of the Varnish stuff wasn't new for me, the Nginx stuff was very informative. Because of the comparison it would be nice to add some numbers/statistics of a real world case.

Never used any of these before. After this talk the usefulness has become quite understanding. Great how he interacted with the croud.

Clear and well presented talk

Excellent delivery and interesting content. I coudl follow most of it. But I wish I knew a bit more devops than just dev to fully appreciate it.

Excellent speaker. Just flows naturally!

Not only a visible in depth knowledge on the subject but also exhibits an experience as a speaker. (the slides and talk!)

Half way it seemed Varnish got the upperhand, but maybe that was just me (seeing as i went to the workshop the day before)

Always a great pleasure listening in on your talks!

Very clear talk, like the way none of the two "won" :)

Good talk, lots of useful information.
The loads of extra functionality that comes with Nginx was a bit hidden though. But that is what you get when comparing only a specific feature.