Sass in the real world


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As promised sufficiently in-depth and easily the most entertaining talk so far. Nicely spaced & themed talk.

Interesting and entertaining talk!

Anonymous at 18:31 on 7 Jun 2013

Entertaining, nice speaker.

The info on nested lists was great.

Anonymous at 14:14 on 8 Jun 2013

Came here hoping the talk would go in depth and it did! Picked up some nice new tricks and tips.

Thanks Roy!

Anonymous at 10:18 on 10 Jun 2013

Interesting talk, good information. But frankly, I think this would have come across just as well as a blog post. I would have liked to see some real world examples as well.

Interesting talk. I laughed at the half way pause where everyone had to stand up and do some exercises. Interesting approach to make sure everyone stays awake :)