Surviving a Prime Time TV Commercial


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Interesting talk. Nice to hear how other companies handled these kind of problems

Lots of information containing nice hints when dealing with high traffic. Great speaker.

Funnily presented real world high traffic problems and some nice solutions too. Enjoyed it a lot.

Good talk. I liked the real world example.

This was a nice talk - and very relevant to some of the stuff we're considering at the moment for exactly the same issues (we're using Magento instead of Oxid - but it has the same problems). It's an expensive way of doing it and a potentially hard sell to the client - but the results speak for themselves.

The talk was very interesting. Too bad David was running a bit late. I didn't mind at all, because it was worth it. One tip though: take a deep breath and try to slow down a bit, even if you're running late. The message will come across better and if the topic is interesting (like now), people don't mind if you go over time a bit afterwards.

You being late might've made it better... It was a great talk!

Great talk, shame David was a little late. But it was worth it!

Good and entertaining talk. Hope all your efforts will help you survive the upcoming prime time tv commercial.

Awesome talk with a lot of good information. Would definitely attend again!

Lots of good information, i missed a bit more detail on some of them, and being late put David a bit off his game and into a slight rush.

I was expecting the classic talk about "cache, cache, cache, cache". It wasn't.
I'm really surprised of how many good tips David has condensed in 45 minutes. If you care about performance of your application, this is the right talk for you!

I really liked the talk and all the tips that I came home with from it. But it felt a bit rushed, thus four stars.

The talk was really interesting. Liked the fact it felt really hands-on even though you were running a bit late.

One point of critique: try to keep your own pace, even if you're running a bit late.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Sounds like I need to trim out some content for a 45 minute slot - the talk was 43 minutes long!

Don't worry about being a bit late, it was a good and realistic talk.

Good talk with lots of useful information.
I was hoping for a bit more detail at moments. Perhaps pointers on where/how to find more information on the web might be useful, as there is not much time to include it in the talk itself.