Uncon: Testing with Codeception


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Good talk; it was really good to see what codeception is capable of and offers a solid basis to take a deeper look into it.

A point of improvement might be that some of the slides contain a bit too much text as I found myself reading the slides instead of listening to Jeremy once in a while.

+1 to Mike's comments.

What i liked is that this was an overview talk. A lot of informative content on how to implement it into your organisation, rather than too much focus on the technical details.

Well presented!

Excellent demo and really sold it for me, however I think focusing only on one aspect of it (the acceptance level) left some gaps into what it was capable of doing, especially being more of a back-end dev focusing on unit testing.

Otherwise, I found it fantastic.

Well presented by mr Coates. Enough info to start getting going with CodeCeption, explaining how codeception will help sell the concept of testing to management was a nice touch . Definitely trying it out.

Thanks for this UnCon

From a client and management perspective this talk was really good. I can understand that from a developer perspective the content was a bit shallow. But nevertheless... The talk and product sold itself. I really need to be looking into Codeception!

I've been using Codeception a bit before this talk, and I really like the concept. Great talk and I would love if this was a workshop instead.