Worse Is Better, for Better or for Worse


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Extremely funny and informative. A++!

Very entertaining, and loaded with good advice

Awesome and fun great way to close the conference.

This guy knows what he is talking about ... a part from being a great speaker!

This was a truly great speaker.

Absolutely superb keynote. Sets the bar for any other speakers out there.

Fun, great, interesting. Got a tiny bit boring near the end.
Love how some things were put in a perspective probably all of us either never have or don't have most of the time.

Anonymous at 11:48 on 9 Jun 2013

I've seen Kevlin Henney a few years ago and his talk was as left-field then as it was today. Concepts from different era's and disciplines are combined and used to force new insight. I firmly believe that everytime someone has the chance to see Kevlin talk on any subject but decides not to go, God kills a kitten.

One of the best keynotes I've seen so far, well done!

Great talk, another wake up call for most. Should qoute your book pictures though, why did you put that book there!

light sabers +1

Done as a closing keynote should be done. "Thank you for coming, this is what i need you to think about after you leave."

Really enjoyed the delivery and the unique way of looking into development.

Let's see: Funny? Check. Inspiring? Check. Intelligent? Check. Entertaining? Check.

In other words, a great talk. Really captivating...

Save the best for last... check! Great keynote!

Ranks in the top keynote's I've seen so far.

Anonymous at 10:23 on 24 Jun 2013

Mr Henney is clearly an experienced speaker; he was interesting, funny, entertaining... And without apparent signals from organizing staff, and without leaving the impression that the presentation was rushed or cut short, Mr Henney's speech filled the allotted timeslot literally (I'm not using that word lighlty!) to the minute. Impressive & professional!