Abstract Machines


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Awesome talk, mind boggling at times, but a nice escape from all the more focussed technical talks.

Attended his "abstract machines" talk. Igor always amazes me in his enthousiam and inspiring way of bringing the subject to its audience. Thanks

The best talk! Well balanced, just enough theory so that you can grasp the concepts even if you are seeing them for the first time.

Amazing introduction to Halting Problem, definitely presented better than in most CS books :)

Mind blown! Although I don't think I understood half of it (so in all probability even less) it was fascinating. Igor's full of enthusiasm and energy which made him a joy to listen to.

Really enjoyable, I'm surprised I only got lost at the "passing X with X into X and then getting X and then if it halts the reverse it and recurse and if not then halt" bit.

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 16:03 on 27 Jun 2014

Again a great talk from Igor. He warned us about the lack of practical use up front , so I won't blame him for that :P

If you want the slides (from Twitter)


Great talk! Seen an earlier version at nomadPHP and it's polished a lot more.

Wim Godden at 12:05 on 28 Jun 2014

Fantastic talk. Provided clear explanation of a topic I've been wondering about for a long time. This talk was engaging and fun as well.

Super interesting; great talk!

Anonymous at 18:28 on 28 Jun 2014

Just awesome, thank you :)

Absolutely amazing talk. So much enthusiasm (and knowledge) about the subject matter. Igor should be a teacher or professor or something 'cause it made everything clear and was really entertaining to watch.

this was one of the best talks of the conferences. However I cannot give you 5 like everybody else because i am a bit strict and i know you can do way more. The greek slides could have been explained, although not all would understand you could also show your capacity to simply explain these apparently but not so formulas and show off more that you master this in the palm of your hand.

A question that i meant to ask and i forgot is what about parallel computing, or concurrent computing

for the implementation of things in php i give you 5 though! Big significative contribution for the learner!

Mind blown (in a good way). What more can I say? Igor's talks are always a pleasure.

This talk was particularly intriguingy, though like Gary, I was lost at the x(x) thing. Not sure if that was my feeble brain just being insufficient, or if there might be a more clear way to cover that part.

Although I have read "Understanding Computation" and saw some material on this subject, because of Igor's own particular style and humor, I still very much enjoyed this talk. Highly recommended! But I still didn't give a max rating, because I think the explanation of the halting problem needs just a few more steps to explain it more clearly. Especially since this is near the end of the presentation, it should leave less people in the audience with a feeling of lack of understanding.

A highly amusing mind-twisting presentation. Loved it!

Great talk, totally different from the rest. Clear, entertaining, well trained.

I'm moderately familiar with the subject, which helped a lot. You did a great job discussing so many theoretical subjects in 45 minutes.

Being an MSc and therefore being taught such theories at University, I really appreciated this talk and Igor's sense of humour even more.

Full of enthusiasm! It gave me a fresh look at software development.

Awesome talk, made a complex topic seem really simple and gave me fuel to solve other problems by simply providing me with an alternate point of view. Great job.

Igor's talks are always great. His enthusiasm and excitement about programming always come across.

How to make the most abstract concept super useful and clear to understand our current concrete situation in PHP and the other language.
Fantastic talk, very enjoyable.