Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure


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I'm so biased on this topic, this was AWESOME! Seriously though, clearly a very experienced speaker.

Loved the Demo part. The slides part could have had a bit more colors or humor ;)

Someone mentioned these commercial deployment/provisioning tools last week:

... also agentless but Java based

Good talk, nothing to add.

This was fine and informative. And don't worry about the live demo not working 100%, we've all been there ;)

Well done. Very brave for all of the live demoing, I know how easily it can go wrong. :)

Learned a lot, looking forward to toying with Ansible for some side projects. :)

A very good talk that was well-prepared and delivered extremely well. I also like the fact you demoed something - I didn't care about the fact a few commands didn't work as expected. Next time it would be cool to actually implement or elaborate on a concrete example of an Ansible deployment. You highlighted "web" and "db" endpoints (and the LAMP stack) at the end, but it was all a bit abstract and rushed. I would like to hear a little more about how Ansible deployments can improve my workflow and what that might look like in concrete terms, perhaps with live examples. The details were great, but wider context is equally as useful.

Good introductory talk about Ansible. Like Jamie, I would also like to see a more detailed one next time :p.

Very good talk as an introduction into Ansible. Too bad the demo didn't go as expected, but it was still very good!

Nice comprehensive talk about ansible. Some things where skipped over rather quickly which I think was a shame.