Behave! - Behavior Driven Development


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I really liked this talk, it was much grounded and clear then the other BDDish talks.

Well, i learned something.

Thanks for your ratings! Could you give me some more hints on what to improve on the talk?

A really good introduction to Behat. The problem I had was that you assumed people were familiar with the basic concepts and practice of BDD - but many developers aren't. Perhaps a bit more context of the practice of BDD (i.e. the underlying methodology and why it's important), such as how to speak to stakeholders, how to transform requirements into features, would provide the context needed.

I liked how you mentioned both Behat and Mink - but with a 40-45 minute talk, that's *a lot* of detail to cover. Maybe picking one and providing more depth would help solidify understanding - just an idea. Overall I really enjoyed it - nice talk!

Very good talk.

I've attended it after attending the PhpSpec one, so got a more complete understanding of a possible toolset (for communication, design, validation).

Plus, during conversation with Tobias, I had an opportunity to ask couple of questions regarding general workflow, which cleared up things even more.

So, now I plan to spend more time evaluating all three tools (phpspec, behat, mink). Which is a nice outcome of attending a conference talk, don't you think?

Good talk,

Today's applications work a lot with JavaScript callback, which I think you should also cover a bit more in-depth. I think the talk could be enhanced by showing some hands on demo. The difference of usage with and without Mink.
- Lookup of a specific HTML node (with Mink)
- Waiting for an js auto-complete callback.

- the pace was dropping every now and then, but futher a good talk

A nice introduction to Story BDD and Behat.