Blazing Data with Redis


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Anonymous at 16:27 on 27 Jun 2014

Great overview with enough info to start playing with Redis and Lego pics as a bonus :)

Great summary of what can be done with Redis. Really liked the lego presentation

The GitHub Repo for the demo is here:

Will be playing with Lego and Redis shortly, excellent talk.

Good introduction to Redis with practical examples.

Loved your talk and the live load test, informative and entertaining at the same time. Keep it up!

Your talk and demo were really good. Also, loved the lego :-)

Justin, just like last year you did a great job. Insightful and with great slides!

Very enjoyable presentation. The legos and live demo nudged it over to 5 thumbs up :)

Good talk, but I will have to have a look at the last example after the conference. It looks impressive, but I have not a clear view what is does.

Luckily I can see it on your github.

Perfect presentation. Practical information that can get anyone started with redis right away. Also the lego images were funny :-)

Really enjoyed it and was quite impressed by the demo!

Loved the lego, and the 200k commands/sec demo.

Some very good convincers for those who may not have used Redis before. Great pace and good ability to keep audience attention.

Anonymous at 23:05 on 29 Jun 2014

I've learned a lot from the speech. The demo was really great, the presentation had a lot of practical information on how to deal with Redis in PHP.

Enjoyed the presentation! Well presented :)

Well-prepared slides (wink) and also a very informative talk. Simply great!

Good talk, though the slides could improve. Some parts of the story are not really visible in the presentation without the presenter actually giving his presentation.