Docker: The only thing it can't contain is your excitement


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Start was entertaining. I was expecting more in depth examples. The docker basics we can try ourselves :)

Anonymous at 18:32 on 28 Jun 2014

It was supposed to be an introduction, Christoph. That said, i thought the end was good, with the demo and all. The speaker should stop to breathe a bit more and bring a wristwatch next time - we were all dying for ice cream!

I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction but I kind of list you after Docker was introduced. Some more theoretical and introduction could be useful next time! The demo was cool tho.

Great start, but unprofessional live demo.
Your config should have been standing good.

I was expecting better explanation also more mastery in test dev and prod examples. Maybe it was beginner but if you check ubermuda talk it makes for better explanation. Agree with demo was poor. And no repos to play with. You have more to deliver definitely

I was expecting a lot more from this presentation. The content was good but the presenter was hard to understand. He used very long sentences and at the end of each sentence he would run out of breath and it would become a jumble of words. Too bad because this talk was one of the reasons our sysadmin came along to the DPC. He still doesn't understand why I like Docker so much.

The ratings for this talk are pretty low. I hope they don't discourage you too much. You are very good at entertaining people while actually explaining some technical things. I encourage you to transform this power into something that lasts an entire talk. You might try to make the transition from the metaphorical introduction to the main content of the talk a lot smoother. Perhaps you can adjust the introduction to have more technical value and the main content to be more entertaining. The way it is now, it's almost like two different talks. Also, I'm definitely not sure after watching this talk how I can use Docker to make my life better.

I liked the Wonka introduction ;-) Really want to try docker right now, thanks for the talk, one thing: the end was a bit messy but hey it was the end of DPC...

Love the energy and the intro, but i think the content delivery could have been done better. Something more solid then hello worlds or more practical. The theoretical part could you a bit more breakdown and details i was a bit lost just looking at boxes with labels that did not quite hit home.

Anonymous at 15:43 on 11 Jul 2014

The intro was fun but too long and I think it's one of the reason why you ran out of time. You should also probably rephrase a bit to make it shorter and make the example more practical than a hello world.