Encryption, authentication and data integrity in PHP


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This is pretty hardcore material, so it was very cool get get a relatively basic intro and for Enrico to present it in easily-digestible chunks. Kudos.

Very interesting presentation ! Love it !

For the others :

Slides => http://zimuel.it/slides/dpc2014.html#/
Code =>https://github.com/ezimuel/dpc2014

Thanks !

Anonymous at 10:45 on 28 Jun 2014

Fantastic and interessant!

Anonymous at 10:49 on 28 Jun 2014

Very good explanation of some very technical material.

Well done. A real eye-opener for me this was. Very clear presentations as well. I definitely need to learn more about this. You have put me one right path to start with. Thanks.

Very good presentation. A bit heavy for so early in the morning :)

Maybe a bit too heavy for a saturday morning, but definitely worth it!

I loved the practical examples and the effort to make security more accessible.

Very good pointers to best practices, and easy to follow even for those that have minimal experience in the field.

For me, one of the better talks of the DPC14.
Technical, well explained, very interesting.

Enrico picked up quite well, where the audience could/couldn't follow his slides and skipped/slowed down his talk.

Thank you.

Very clear and fluent talk! I very much liked the "if you want to do a good job, just do this" approach, exactly what you need when it comes to security.

Anonymous at 15:06 on 1 Jul 2014

A little too deep in for my taste, and would also like "Encryption, authentication and data integrity in PHP" from an non-zend-framework point of view, as im not using ZF. Not sure how much I could bring back home / implement of this. But very good technical talk. High level and talker with strong skills.

Good talk. Even though I was already quite deep into encryption, I still learned some things!

Great presentation. No special comments for the presenter. Story was well layed out. Nice to have seen, even though i already knew some things about encryption