Forget about index.php and build applications around HTTP!


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I am a fan of Symfony2, but did not recognize a clear A to Z structure or a typcial scenario.

A good talk, but the dark slides were hard to read.

Nice talk, liked the explanation of HttpFoundation component.

Anonymous at 23:10 on 29 Jun 2014

Good talk, a well presented explanation of the whole process in Symfony. The code examples were explained clearly but the dark background made them difficult to read.

Anonymous at 08:06 on 30 Jun 2014

Logical flow, Very well structured, Brilliant explanation

It was an ok presentation. Some slides were hard to read. And it was 25 minutes and it was over.

Anonymous at 15:09 on 1 Jul 2014

Fairly good presentation. A bit dark slides (hard to read). I see some similarities to CodeIgniter, even the architecture is abit diffrent. but find CI easier to use, and fits my purpose better.

To me it felt more like a promotion talk then a talk about forgetting about index.php