Giving up Control: Inversion of Control for Beginners


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excellent talk. i liked the walk through the thought/develop process.

Matthew gave an excellent talk with a good step-by-step explanation of how you go from singleton & registry pattern towards dependency injection.

Too bad there were issues with the slides.

Good introduction to IOC, using a real-world example. Also: good job of forcing the Dutch to raise their hands and answer questions ;-)

Good intro talk. Would love to see a more in-depth talk on the subject from the speaker.

Good layering and introduction of the IoC concepts, spot on for an intro talk. As I said in person, the analogies utilised where a great way to unpack the topics without frying peoples' brains. In my top two talks of this conference!

However, there is one criticism: sort your slide delivery mechanism out - once or twice you get away with it but it started to get annoying, happening almost every other slide, after the half-way point.

Very enjoyable talk, with the content as great as the delivery.

Anonymous at 23:19 on 29 Jun 2014

The first part of the presentation was clear and well presented but later on, when it got more complex, I got lost a little.

The concepts were well structured and well explained (as he always does). Excellent presentation.