High Quality Symfony Bundles


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Anonymous at 14:33 on 26 Jun 2014

<doctrine-mapping >

<entity name="Dpc\\Tutorial\\Model\\Post">
<id name="id" type="integer">
<generator strategy="AUTO"/>
<field name="title" type="string" length="255"/>


Anonymous at 14:34 on 26 Jun 2014

XML: http://pastebin.com/WED351Lg

Really nice workshop, thanks !

Matthias showed us how to refactor an existing Bundle so that it is less dependent on Symfony2.
That way, the Bundle is better re-usable by other frameworks.
The talk itself was great, however as a workshop/handson it went too fast, so for next time I would not use my laptop but just enjoy the show.

Very nice fast pased tutorial, Nice job mathias.
Maybe a bit to fast for some

I enjoyed the tutorial and found it very well structured and engaging. I may have failed at reading the abstract and came out a bit confused on what i expected vs. what i got. But it was very well delivered and having someone to help people who had issues to setup the code was a great touch.

I would love for it to be more about practical bundle writing then just the "let's see how far we can push everything out of it"