LEVEL UP! Migrating your ZF1 app to ZF2


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Very nice and comprehensive talk. Loved it.

Well organized and presented. Really enjoyed the code examples and explained the reasoning behind changes. Well done, definitely not rubbish. :)

Good talk. Now i know that is realy hard but not inpossible. :-)
How to became Yolo CE? :-P

Really liked your approach for this talk! Good job! Where can we find the slides?

Well structured and comprehensive presentation. I really liked all the explanations you gave. The examples were very clear and useful. Thank you!

I think it will be a lot harder to migrate bigger projects, but this definitely show where to begin and where to watch out.

Nice example and good approach! Now we only need time to actually migrate our system :) Glad to hear that we don't need the Big Bang approach of migrating.

Good enjoyable talk, right balance of examples with practical advice, good pace and right level of Gary humour ;) .

Personally, and this is hunting for something to critique, I think I'd need just a little more depth to be able to walk away and tackle the job on something real world (e.g. large!).

Ended up in this talk because the other room was packed...
Nevertheless it was nice to see that migrating from ZF1 to ZF2 is probably a lot easier than it might seem.