Nginx: The need for speed


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Useful content, well presented.

Good overview, but I would loved to see the scaling slides.

I knew a lot already, but the decisions you've made with your experience really helps to use the correct setting now. Thanks!

jeremie Pereira at 14:45 on 28 Jun 2014

very cool ! Thanks

The config examples and warnings for some common pitfalls were great. Very good presentation.

This really helped me actually properly configure my nginx server (instead of trying to find out how an example works).

Good overview of the pitfalls and how to properly configure nginx. This knowledge will probably come in handy in the near future.

You obviously did this before already, clear, calm and to the point. Sad to hear you left out some more advanced stuff because of the 45min limit...

Great talk, great content. It could have used a refresh before the talk, as you noted a few things were out of place or outdated, but a great how-to session that can easily be used as a guide when implementing for the first time.

I think a bit more structure would do wonders into making this a perfect talk.

Some great pointers for me as a starting nginx user and a good presentation style. Can you please post the slides?

Very interesting talk. Made me want to start using nginx