"Orcs 'n' All": A Journey to Mount Doom (via Facebook)


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Anonymous at 12:33 on 27 Jun 2014

Very enjoyable :). And for people who might want to start venturing into the casual 'games' industry it has a lot of good pointers

Very funny presentation, enjoyable story and a lot of lessons learned. Loved it.

So what is a person that feed the morons called? Awesome talk. ..! :)

Very much liked Gary's self-deprecating presentation style. Learning about the ins and outs of developing a Facebook game from an organisational point of view made this an interesting as well as entertaining post-mortem.

Great talk, very well presented by Gary and entertaining as always.

It was really intriguing seeing the non-technical realities of early-stage projects, and all the dirty little tricks used to monetize social games. I think this is the type of non-technical talk that a lot of developers would benefit from to help them better understand how much non-technical effort is required to actually launch and grow a successful product (especially in regards to Facebook games, but the underlying themes and lessons were fairly universal).

I almost want to sign up for Facebook now, just to play Gary's epic button-pressing game.

I was looking forward to this talk and you did not dissapoint, highly entertaining. Good fun on a day filled with mostly technical stuff.

There were Orcs, nouf' said!

Nice talk. Pleasant break of all the technical things, even though we're supposedly here for that ;)
I enjoyed it.

Great talk on a "soft" subject. I really enjoyed it and took quite some pointers from it should I ever decide to go in the direction of creating facebook games ;-)

Worth listening. Exposing basic game developing issues with nice side stories.

Wim Godden at 12:03 on 28 Jun 2014

Fun talk, with content a lot of people can relate to.

Good story. Gary has nice way of talking, I like that!

Entertaining talk, but not sure if I really learned something. Already knew (most) people are morons ;-)

Very entertainable talk

Anonymous at 08:56 on 29 Jun 2014

A great and (funny told) storry. With in the end more knowledge and facts in it as looks like.

That was me, accidentally hit anonymously -> Interesting and learning. The presentation itself was really good to follow.

Excellent and fascinating analysis - just goes to show that there is no such thing as underestimating your target market.

Interesting talk.

Anonymous at 15:00 on 1 Jul 2014

Great talk. Liked it a lot, including all the honesty and humor. Well presented. Thanks!

interesting and enjoyable talk!

Very good insight to all the non technical stuff that are necessary for a successful (game) project.

Were is that press the button game now ?