Patterns of Modern Web Applications


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Good subject, but missed a clear structure of the presentation or some demos to "stay awake" :)

Anonymous at 16:28 on 27 Jun 2014

very incoherent talk.

Some structure/demo's would be very beneficial.

Scato knows what he's talking about, but considering this talk was labeled 'advanced' I thought the first 20-25 minutes were a bit too basic.

Was cool. Good subject.

The presentation was a bit of an unstructured mess and the topic was all over the place. A few ideas which were nice, but not all.

Most was to basic (don't put your stile in your HTML?).

Scato, please don't say it's a method you and a college "invented".
It's common knowledge for any professional fronted developer.

Did not like it not sure

Extremely basic, this was not an advanced talk at all. It's not a bad subject to talk about, but if you label it as advanced I expect a whole lot more...