Queue it! What job queues can do for you!


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A Great demo of the different Queueing concepts.

https://speakerdeck.com/nesquick/queue-it-what-job-queues-can-do-for-you-1 hop :)

Anonymous at 16:45 on 27 Jun 2014

Awesome talk, clear explanings and very funny! Cheers for that lad! Even though you dont like it, I will drink a beer on it ;)

I thought the speaker had mainly a good time by himself.
I would have loved to a benchmark comparison of a standard queuing demo application written with different queuing libraries.
The remark 'I can't decide what is best for your needs' was a bit of a let down for me.

Great introduction into queuing but I felt it could have been a bit more comparing and best practices oriented

Nice talk. Good job explaining the use cases for queuing. Ole is a pleasant and enthusiastic presenter.

Fun and interesting. Thanks.

This talk was educative, fun and entertaining. Just two remarks to make this talk awesome:
- improve your pronunciation
- some company inside jokes are not known to the audience, so either give us a bit of reference or skip them

Nice to have learned a bit about queues, the different types and how they work. It might have been a bit too shallow for me, but maybe 45 minutes is too short for that. Enthutiastic speaker, but the pronunciation made it a little bit hard to follow at some points

OK as a starting point entering the world of queues.
"I don't like it because it's written in Java" is very bad argument nowadays ...

Reasonable introduction to queueing, however I think you lost some of us in the audience amused by the company in-jokes.

Would have been good to have some take-aways & where next for those interested to follow up.

Anonymous at 10:30 on 1 Jul 2014

Some good descriptions of the queue components and types but a bit too fast and little content.

I don't like it because it's written in Java ... completely irrelevant?

Node.js can not process any other request whilst processing a template but PHP can ... firstly not on topic and on top of that completely wrong.

Delayed batch jobs .. then just don't use a job queue that cannot scale for you since the approach causes problems instead of solving them. Maybe the java solution could have helped you here?