The ideal REST API for the Angular JS applications


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The African buffalo is what I remember from this talk ;) Needs a bit more focus and actual hands-on coding. It did put some ToDo's on my list.

Victor has a lot of knowledge of the subject, and I made a lot of notes during the workshop.
He talked about angularjs, rest api, but for some reason it was not all connected.
I loved theuse of vagrant and to keep the layers virtual physically seperated, but a lot of us were unable to get vagrant up and running.

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Nothing hands-on during 3 hours. An hour spent on general what-is-rest-talk. The javascript tools all missing from the VMs and no clear instructions on what was needed. The layered system seemed too heavy for the presenters computer .. seems likely when you want to spawn 3 machines for one project on an average macbook.

All in all, Google and hacking on your own would have been better.

Thanks for your comments! They should make my future presentations better.

It seems, that the main problem is that everybody expected a more hands-on approach, while I never mentioned that this tutorial will be hands-on (you can re-check talk description, it is up there at this very page). Moreover, I specifically pointed out that setting up VMs is not strictly required, just if you want to try things as I talk about them (like trying to get authentication token etc).

So, while I haven't mentioned that this tutorial will be a hands-on experience, I believe it is a good idea to turn it into one. Therefore I will work in that direction, thank you!

Despite the low raring, I still believe that theoretical content was good and solid, so if it is only buffalo that made it into memories, then it should be my presentation skills, not the content :))

To anonymous (btw, why so?):

If you check the ansible roles (I have spent lots of time creating) you will see that there's yeoman role + common role that sets up necessary node.js files. Just uncomment "yeoman" here: Finally, there's a separate slide in my presentation when I mention tools necessary (and I talked about tools as well). Overall, I suggest you look into code provided - it has lots of value in it (and will definitely save you some time googling).