Uncon - Conceptual CQRS


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somehow this presentation turned into a Q&A at the end, which was great! learned a lot

Excellent and easy to understand introduction to CQRS. Thank you.

It was very refreshing to see a talk (or uncon) without code and just a whiteboard. The subject of the talk was quite overlapping with the Event Sourcing talk of Mathias the second day, but you went more the conceptual way and Mathias took it to a code level.

Although I have read quite some material about DDD and CQRS, it always remains quite hard to understand how to get to implement CQRS/DDD. The Q&A afterwards helped a lot to have some handles how to start with CQRS.

Excellent intro to CQRS. We need more talks like this.

Learned a lot about CQRS, thanks!

For an uncon talk this was just very good!, Never saw people being so focused on just two drawings on a whiteboard.