Unleash the Power of Zend framework 2


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Overall interesting talk, but I've probably missed about half of it because of the talking going on in the room to help people. All of this while the presenter was giving a course for the front row only. Really annoying.

In my opinion, this tutorial went great, and I was impressed with Marco and Gary's ability to cover all the fundamentals in a single day. The content and exercises were timed well and seemed well-prepared.

My main critisism I think is worth mentioning here, is about the venue, not the tutorial itself. In my opinion, having a microphone and speakers would have been very helpful, especially for those in the back of the room.

I noticed a few people in the back were having trouble hearing and fell a bit behind in the exercises. I did my best to help those who fell behind, which was unfortunately likely also distracting for others, and I do sincerely apologize if that was the case.

Disclosure: I am a core ZF2 contributor. I simply attended the tutorial to support Gary and Marco and maybe help answer questions if needed.

Intresting talk also seen a lot.
Just the part about forms whas a speed rush where 90 % -> 100 of the people could not follow anymore.
Also te speed rush wasnt that much needed because the other talks went on until 17:00 and we stopped at 16:45.
lso a thank to Evan for the issue fix with the current.

Also a thanks to EvanDotPro for helping (didn't help me but still).
Also not there fault but just like Evan mentioned a micro should have ben nice.

Content very useful, great presenters. But the framework did not move me much.

Nice tutorial.

The live coding was sometimes hard to follow.

When marco copy pasted parts of configuration people got easely confused (I know I was).

The exercises were mostly doable and all presenters + evan were great anchor points when you needed help.

too bad we didn't had the time to talk about everything.
Liked the talk and the drunken elephant :)

I was a little bit lost when doing the exercises though.
It wasn't clear where i should put where into the code (or files and directories). Luckily you guys were there to help me out and gave me good and useful answers