Ada Lovelace; The First Programmer


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Absolutely love that you did a talk about an influential computer scientist, who happens to be a woman. It's the first I've heard. And there was code. Good job.

Having a bit of (important) computer history as a last talk is a very pleasant way to end a good two days of conference. Thank you for that.

I loved the working (software) Analytical Machine. It was very interesting.

Really enjoyed this talk. Some of the maths went over my head but hey!

I think the talk was really well placed in the timetable. The final talk before the closing keynote, an interesting story told by someone very good at speaking. It felt like a nice end to the conference.

I liked the machine demo and the interactive slides. The audience participation was appropriate and well managed by the speaker. A tough feat to pull off!

Nice to see some room for history near the end of this conference.

Good demo and interaction with the audience.

Great talk. Nice eye opener about Computer Science history.

What I would love to know is why there was a decline in % women in Computer Science, since if I remember correctly, in the 60's and the 70's there was a 50/50 gender balance in this field.

I liked that the talk showed a part of the history of computing.
It was not really what I expected, but liked it anyway.

Good speaker who knows what he is talking about.

Also nice to know how to calculate logarithms without a calculator ;-)

I was looking forward to this talk, but I confess I was expecting something a bit different - more focused on the historical achievements of the first programmers like Ada, and computer science in general. That's why I'm not giving the 5 stars - maybe it was my fault for not reading the talk abstract, but the title gave me this idea.

The talk was very well presented and there was a nice interaction with the audience. The demo was also super cool!

I think this was my favourite talk of the conference. A very important issue, honestly discussed & mixed with some fascinating history & interesting programming! Daan is a fantastic speaker, the whole audience was engaged the entire time. A fantastic way to end the two days!

Very nice historical overview and thoughts. Dean shown very good talking skills.

this talk was delivered in a really great way: made assembler and mathematics sound like fun! managed to keep me fully interested after three days of conference. only gripe i have is that i was expecting to hear a bit more about Ada Lovelace herself, or on the topic of women in IT.