AngularJS + Ionic = Mobile Web Applications


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Talk is too slow, also I think the examples and explenations are the wrong way around, start with the awesome core, start with showing us something that works, then explain how it was built, then branch out to all the extras it can be used for.

I'd rather have you start with "this presentation is made in angular" and explain how it works, because this is epic!

Vincenzo had a nice all around introduction about AngularJs and Ionic.
Explanations were clear and precise. He had also integrated his presentation with snippets both in AngularJs and Ionic.
Take a look at it

Hope to see him next time talking about those subjects more in depth.

This was a fantastic introduction to, Angular JS, the Angular-UI ecosystem and Ionic. Wilk is an entertaining speaker and I came out of the talk actually understanding how Angular works!