Automation made simple with Ansible


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Great talk* explaining how to automate using Ansible.

* Angry demo gods not included

Very interesting since I've never worked with ansible before.

Its nice to see ansible takes such a simple approach what makes it probably very fun to use.

Smart to use screencasts to avoid 'live' issues :)

Great talk, Erika is highly motivated and you can see that by hearing/seeing her speak. Also liked the recorded demo - clever, and this way the talk will (almost) never fail due to bad luck.
Too bad there are not more talks by her at this conference, she is one the best speakers at this years Conference in my opinion.

Thanks for this talk. It has given me a few more ideas for a project I'm working on.

The talk was a deep dive into Ansible. It paid off generously in the skillful hands of Erika. Learned tonnes and would highly recommend

I liked this talk very much. Erika is very enthusiastic and actually sounds happy about what she's talking about! Good concise examples, simple demos, and a convincing overall message.

Lots of energy and enthusiasm on this talk. Screencasting as a way to avoid live demo effect should be avoided, though, it makes it a little more difficult to follow when the video gets out of sync with the speech or you simply forget what you were to show in that particular moment. Take the risk, do the live demo and maybe have the screencast as a backup.

Also, I would have liked to see some real example of a machine being provisioned on devel and prod environments, and how you go from devel to production deployment using vagrant or docker. The bare info can be found googling a bit, for me it is the interaction, live examples and demos that make the effort of attending a talk worthy.

5-stars, well deserved. I know Erika is an expert, but the reason why I give this talk a 5-star rating is because the delivery of the presentation was really good.

In past presentations the level English was a bit questionable, but now I noticed that Erika's English has improved a lot.

Good job! Would love to see variations of this talk that cover specific subjects in-depth.

Great talk, nice introduction into Ansible. Erika is a good speaker who seems to enjoy the speaking, that's inspiring! Good job!

Very clear and interesting. A good combo of theory and practice (even if not hands-on). When the talk finished, I couldn't wait to experiment with Ansible.

I see other good comments, so this might just be me - maybe I was tired or distracted before my own talk. I found the presentation a bit unclear and difficult to follow. The slides were pretty clear and well thought out, though.