Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project


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Very good talk, really deserved the keynote spot! Really good speaker and a really interesting subject, which was very well covered.
I loved the anecdotes!

Thanks for making us aware again that we should not treat all the things we currently have in the open source world like a commodity and complain if things sometimes don't work out as expected. Reminds me that I have thought many many times: "Composer has absolutely revolutionized the way build applications", but never actually said this to you on Twitter etc, so: a late thanks for this!

The underlying "be kind" message in your talk is means a lot to me, I can react angry at people at times (just in general) where it's just not worth it. So also thanks for reminding me I should always try and react less angry than the person who approaches you.

Furthermore your keynote was also a lot of fun.

It lacked a little bit of rythm at times, but it was really interesting to get some feedback from the open source package manteiner trenches of such popular projects as composer and monolog. Great talk on the human side of the OS community from the inside.

I'd like to echo the comments made by Lucas and Remon. Nice to hear about whats it's like to be the maintainer of an open source project.

I liked the delivery, although not the most polished it was heartfelt and authentic.

Thanks for your continued hard work, try not to burn out! :D

Good closing keynote. Interesting to hear about the insights (and the daily problems) of an open source maintainer. Will try to keep that in mind when bothering the speaker next time about problems with Composer or my PRs that take a while to get into master :P

Thanks Jordi!

The keynote was inspiring, fun and with lots of hilarious moments. Jordi is both a talented developer and a great speaker. Thanks for your presentation man! I've rated 4 instead of 5 just because I expected the pace to be a bit more energical. Otherwise, the content was excellent!

Quite an interesting view in some of the aspects of maintaining an open source project. A good mix between jokes and serious content, and some lessons to take away.

Impressive and really great closure of a fantastic conference.
Jordi was sincere, real, funny at the same time, talking about some aspects of his great experience behind the scene of Composer project.

Insightful and entertaining.

This is a new level of keynoting which I enjoy.

We've seen our fair share of inspirational speakers over the years (which I always enjoyed). Jordi is a different breed of speaker: no nonsense, to the point, a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. But the humor and sarcasm never went to extreme levels and throughout the talk it was balanced by very nuanced statements.

A very well balanced talk about life in the OSS trenches. In the past I didn't see "keynote material" in Jordi, but the experience and the years have shaped him. Jordi has become an expert, he has seen some good stuff and bad stuff and DEFINITELY has a right to stand there on stage doing a keynote.

Congratulations, enjoyed it a lot!

This keynote made me realized that maintaining an open source project is not just hard work, it's incredibly hard work. It makes me respect all open source maintainers even more. Will definitely be trying even harder for open source contributions.

A human factor of the open source.
Very interesting keynote.

James Titcumb at 12:32 on 29 Jun 2015

Was looking forward to seeing this talk, and it was great, thanks Jordi.

I really, really liked your keynote Jordi!

It was very down to earth and brought with enough humor and truths.
It showed perfectly what you (or any open source maintainer) has to endure when doing this. It has opened my eyes and now I even have more respect for people like you.

It also gave me incentive to go and do some more OSS work in the future.

It was a good talk. I felt it wasn't particularly inspired after it tho, which should be the outcome of a keynote.

Great use of historical tweets!
Very inspiring to anyone who has tried to help out open-source but has felt disheartened from the whole process. It was a brilliant end to the whole conference!

Awesome delivery and very good approach of your subject IMO.
A talk that not only more dev should see, but more people in general.

A great talk that gave me plenty of ammunition for future trolling. Thanks Jordi.

Great ending of the conference. Just the right amounts of jokes, information and personal experience. Although like others said the rhythm or flow can be a bit better I really enjoyed it!

Jordi managed to convey some of the traumas of tribulations of being involved in an Open Source project with a wry humour (I think he should be made an honourary Briton for that alone), and the type of things that can inspire frustration, anger and burnout... yet also gave insight into how he manages to "survive" the experience.

While my own projects are far smaller, I can sympathise with the issues that he raised, even if I only suffer from them on a much smaller scale and less critical than Composer/Packagist... and I can only aspire to be as patient.

Jordi, you're a star

A bit disappointing, had expected a great talk but the talk in general was kind of 'down', sadly told, sometimes with humor but most of the time on a negative side... But the general message should be clear: respect people and especially appreciate the work that some people do, and don't react in a negative way on things you would have done otherwise or features you are missing in the software. You can give advice on what to do better or what to add, and on the same time give the creator a good should not all be negative.

Interesting talk, but I found the delivery to be a bit off, so I found it difficult to stay on topic at times.

Good talk funny at times but it felt a bit slow to me. But it was interesting to see in the kitchen of open source and to see it is not just about the coding.