Defensive Programming


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Good advice but not detailed enough for my liking. What was covered was presented well but ran quite short. More in depth and more information would make this much better.

Broadly good advice given here that devs should be following more :) also enjoyed the squats at the start, nice :) For 5 stars, I would've liked to have heard more about some more extreme techniques for defensive programming that have been mentioned recently, e.g. declaring classes final, removing setters, no "optional" dependencies etc. Otherwise, I enjoyed, thanks

Anonymous at 09:43 on 27 Jun 2015

Great speaker, great presentation, but the subject was afterwards to beginner for me.

Didn't really teach me anything new, but a good refresher of best practices anyway. Good speaker, enjoyed listening to him.

I didn't think there was enough depth here, however the content that was there was delivered well.

I don't think you should have asked "Does anyone not know about SOLID?" and used the audience participation as a gauge to include the content. You had the time, had prepared the material and I think the content would have added to your theme on defensive programming. Conference audience participation is always very sluggish.

Good talk about defensive programming. It was a bit basic, but that's to be expected given it was a beginner talk ;)

I think it's nice that you looked forward to PHP 7 but also gave some solutions for the mean time.