From 0 to MVP in 40 minutes: decoupled Drupal for startups


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Almost the best talk of the day...only the one about PHP7 was better...but I can't wait to learn and work with Drupal 8. Both presenters did an excellent job and were really passionate (you could see and hear that). Hope to see them both at next year's conference again!

To clarify upfront: I did not read the session abstract (yes, you can blame me for that), I just read the session title on the schedule and thought that this could be an interesting session.

From the title of the session I was hoping for a more general, non-technical overview of how Drupal could help a startup to deliver their solution. For me the coding part did not really work out. I mean it was interesting to see how easy it is to consume data. But being a non-Drupal person a few parts where hard to follow because I did not see where things are going or why. Nonetheless the presentation was good, both speakers know their stuff pretty well. So at least the session was entertaining ;)

Good talk about how drupal 8 can help you and also a good showcase about how drupal is leaving much of the old stuff behind and joining the modern world ;) .