HTTP Caching with Varnish


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Though I deeply appreciate the effort, the talk was really slow and flat and totally lacked rythm. I feel that many more interesting aspects of Varnish and caching in general could have been looked into; ESI for one was barely mentioned. Maybe some real world examples and metrics before/after caching, live demos or tricky caching scenarios would have added a bit of interest to the talk.

Again, I appreciate the effort and encourage both to continue with the good work they've put on the talk to improve it for future events.

I enjoyed the talk, I think I was definitely the target audience, someone new to varnish. I liked the VCL examples and the transition from general caching to varnish specifics in each section.

Some constructive criticism: Transitions between speakers were awkward. I think two microphones would have helped.

Anonymous at 09:48 on 28 Jun 2015

a good introduction for people with little previous knowledge, or to fill gaps in the basics. good idea having two speakers taking turns at talking.
next time: advanced concepts?

The talk contained all the information for a good introduction in Varnish, but the structure and energy was lost. In my opinion, one speaker would be enough and would it be good to take a critical look at the structure of the presentation.