Implement Single Sign On easily with Symfony


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Sarah tackles the though subject of security with ease and is capable of guiding the audience through a high technical subject. From this talk you get a great overview of what it talks to implement single sign on with symfony and provides details on how to do this yourself.

Anonymous at 09:45 on 28 Jun 2015

good explanation of the authentication step of symfony. the sso is more the narrative than the actual subject of the talk

This was one of the best talks at the conference in my opinion.
Taking such a large and complicated subject, Sarah guided you through the entire process that more like a storytelling competition that a technical manual - there are concepts that I struggled with using just the Symfony documentation, but felt embarrassed with how simple she managed to make them sound.

I think her position as head of SensioLabs University is definitely well-founded.

Really good talk, explained this subject that i never really understood in a clear and simple way! The SSO in the title was kind of creating wrong expectations, but i was actually more interested in the authentication process than in SSO specifically.