Improving the quality of your JS application


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This talk was a great walkthrough for the js QA stack in combination with your CI. I didn't know half the tools that were mentioned, so definitely learned something. The only thing missing from this talk was a bit of overview at the end.

Anonymous at 17:01 on 28 Jun 2015

We paid a lot of money for the conference tickets. This talk was 45 minutes of "how to install grunt packages" and was not in-depth as proclaimed. At all. The speaker even admitted he is absolutely not a frontender but considers himself a backender. Even so, at least he could share some personal learnings, but no, it was a Github screenshot slideshow.

Sorry to hear that the talk did not match your expectations at all. Any chance you could send me more info (e.g. via email) what you did expect from the talk or what topics you missed? As I stated this is the first time I gave the talk. I am pretty eager to learn how to improve it.

I think the speaker was pretty good although I think the talk was somewhat useless. It felt like he didn't have affinity for what he was talking about (what he kinda admitted in the end saying he was more of a back end developer). Even though the talk pretty much was about what the description says I think showing +/- 20 configuration files and a lot of github screenshots in your slides is a bit too much... This talk can be a lot better by talking a bit more about the tools and showing what they do and how you can use them to improve you code instead of how to install and configure them.

When I look at the slides here at work I think they are really useful because it's a nice tutorial about how to set up all the tools. But I'm looking for some more in debt information on a conference then a simple taking you by the hand installing tutorial.

First of all, presenter did a great job standing up and sharing his experience. However, he admitted, he was more a backend guy, which showed up, I guess. Well, he underpinned that all guys in his company are good both at frontend and backend technologies (sorry, but I don't believe in myth about full stack developers). So, apart from that, the talk was pretty dry mentioning of the best practices. On the other hand, some people in room never heard about Selenium before, so it should have been informative somehow.

Good content, I 100% support the tools and techniques Stephan demonstrated. I was hoping for a live demo at the end where we could see all the automation in action in a sample project. Presentation skills were pretty good although I did not get some of the jokes. I did get some other ones, though and they were really funny, so all in all it was a really solid performance.