Journey into your Lizard Brain


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Funny and informative talk about how developers think, how they can solve problems better and how to become a better developer.

Great talk. Really enjoyed listening to this one. Also respect for the fact you are capable of turning a real life personal event into something developer related.

Very warm and empathic talk about what drives people to become become better software developers. Would really recommend this talk to everybody.

Great story (although parts of it were really sad). Thanks for sharing "your" personal story with us and trying to give us hints on how we can improve.

Arnout Boks at 14:06 on 28 Jun 2015

Nice differently themed talk, with a great motivational and personal component. Would do well as a keynote!

Interesting talk about the workings of your brain regarding problem solving. These are my favorite types of talks and it was very inspiring to hear how they recovered from the events that took place. This talk is a must watch for any developer!

Absolutely fantastic presentation. I wasn't expecting this type of emotions during PHP conference at all. Thank you Rafael.

IMHO we should have more soft talks, presentations about burnout, depression, mental health etc. And after the conversation we had another day seems like I'm not the only one.

Rafael is always a pleasure to listen to. Either during events like this when he's on stage or in indepth conversations or even as a fellow listener of others' talks / subjects. He knows his stuff.

What got me most during this talk: the intimate and (seemingly) undisclosed view into his personal life. The subject was indeed very intruiging and he brought it very well.

One of the most underrated parts of much of these conferences is the human aspect of our work. Rafael had good reasons for the talk and delivered it very well and i must say is the talk that stuck with me most.

I really enjoyed it and almost felt guilty of voyeurism. Kudo's to you sir!

Anonymous at 09:32 on 29 Jun 2015

A great talk that is in fact a keynote! :)

As someone who saw part of that story when it happened, I felt quite touched - it requires a lot of courage to expose yourself like Rafael did, and he nailed it, transforming a tough life experience in a constructive lesson to share with us. Thank you for that, Rafael!

Very good talk i enjoyed it.