Jump-start your application with AngularJS


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Anonymous at 12:35 on 25 Jun 2015

Interesting and comprehensive tutorial, well-documented and explained clearly. As a AngularJS n00b I missed some of the basics, but with general programming experience the concepts and code is easy to follow.

Anonymous at 12:37 on 25 Jun 2015

Really good introduction into Angular. It doesn't really go into the inner workings of Angular. I think it would be useful to understand how Angular works. But for me - a medior Javascripter - it worked out just fine without fully understanding the inner workings. I think - without any prior hands on Angular experience - the basics were well covered!

A very clear and concise presentation - Angular seems like an amazing tool and I thank Chris for inspiring me to start learning more.

Rowdy Rabouw at 08:39 on 26 Jun 2015

Head first into Angular. Glad to had some basic knowledge of Angular already. For a n00b it could be harder to follow.

Pieter Meyvaert at 11:41 on 26 Jun 2015

I was glad I had some prevous experience, could be hard to follow when you had none. overall well brought.