Let's Write Some History!


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Even thought learned a lot about cqrs / event sourcing from other talks / workshop, this talk explained a few more things.

Timo Bakx at 17:45 on 26 Jun 2015

I'm not sure if we will be using this in our applications soon, but the talk was very good and informative. I learned a lot.

the talk was interesting but quite dry to hear/watch, had hoped to see some real world examples instead of the abstract examples, but I am sure I wouldn't have done better ;-)

Great subject, but not presented as great.

Some remarks (intended as constructive feedback - don't shoot me ;-) ):
- You can make your point in a few slides, but not go on about it. ;-)
- Your talk has some gaps in terms of explaining what some terms are (jargon)
- Your code examples miss some context / syntax (and "I had to fit it on a slide" is not a very good argument when there's plenty of space left - others didn't have this problem)

I would have loved to see some more live examples on how ES works under the hood and how simulations can be done or how new read models can be added to show data previously ignored. Some mention of snapshots or a glimpse on infrastructure would have been nice, also.

Overall it was a good talk, though it was probably better if you also attended the CQRS/ES workshop.

The talk was a bit dry for me. I found the initial discussion of why CQRS and event sourcing should be used engaging but found it difficult to build a mental model from the code slides displayed.

Finally, an introduction to Event Sourcing that I understood and was able to follow. Good attitude from the speaker too, he was very friendly and approachable after the talk.