Modern networking for PHP developers: IPv6, SPDY and SSL


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Really interesting, good explanation of all the technology!

Well structured talk, I already knew something about the various components discussed yet I also learned lots today. Thank you!

maybe I was to good informed, but I haven't heard that much new things in this talk. Had hoped to learn more about HTTP/2 and SPDY but about 80% of the talk was about IPv6 and SSL. Had better listened to a more interesting talk...anyway. The info and speaker were allright. Only almost no new content for me unfortunately.

I knew bits and pieces about IPv6 but thanks to this presentation I got everything put clearly in order.
Seems like it is time to get IPv6 fully implemented. Thank you Marcus!

Very good and entertaining!

sorry to say that most of the contents were already known to me as i was more into the 'what can PHP do with the new HTTP2 features' such as pushes and making use of the new features that HTTP2 provides...

BTW if anyone wants more cipher / SSL configurations for various apps, have a look here (aside from the mentioned mozilla configurator)
(no i am not the creator, just found it handy in the past)

A very good explanation for people who don't know network protocols, or their latest versions. I had the opportunity to hear about several practical hints.