My site is slow, what can I do? - Profiling PHP applications


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I enjoyed this talk a lot. I'd used quite a few of the things mentioned, with similar experiences, but it was great to see what could be done when carried much further, and I really liked Bastian's obvious enthusiasm.

To my opinion, some "obvious" stuff should have gotten less attention.

Following questions still remain to be answered:

- Are there any tools that can help you optimize code and/or warn a developer in advance
- Pitfalls such as inaccuracy due to slow streaming (mobile)
- Available checklists
- Google speed stats in analytics - watch out !
- Caching strategies should perhaps get more attention as well as cache warming

One last remark: SPDY is going to disappear if I'm not mistaken.

On the positive side:
- Covered a lot, front-end and back-end
- Concise
- Fluent talk

Maybe I expected too much :)

Nice talk!

Can you syntax highlight the code/configuration snippets in the slides?

Good speaker. I am pretty enthusiastic about improving page load speeds and especially server side. What I kinda missed in this talk were some standard pitfalls people forget about. I know finding the bottlenecks in your application is important and you have to improve your code yourself but some short examples would've been nice.

A tip for the speaker: watch out with the amount of details about how to install / configure / use tools. I think it's better to referrer to a online tutorial in your slides then to show it in your talk. In your talk it's more useful to show what value the tool adds.

Because of this you kinda lost me in the beginning. Halfway through I think the talk got a lot better and at some point when the shitstorm of tips and tricks came you saved the talk!