React.js: Super-fast Single Page Web Applications


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Anonymous at 08:37 on 27 Jun 2015

i'm surprised there are no reviews yet, since it was a great talk! too bad there wad not enough time to cover routing.
good speaker, clear examples.

I was inspired by the technicalities, Pratik should however have gotten 2 sessions to be able to finish the slides :) - there's so much to tell !

As with all the talks I joined today, a no-nonsense, excellent introduction.
And thank's for exchanging thoughts at the social.

React.js seems to be the answer to all our prayers.

Absolutely awesome. Good presentation style, great content!

Excellent speaker. Clear, consise. Could have benefited from longer session.

Very good speaker. Too bad, like others mentioned as well, that he had so much to tell it didn't really fit the timeframe he got.

Pratik is a great speaker, and this talk covered a ton of stuff. A few of the slides were a little out of date (React.renderComponent is now just React.render, React.createElement instead of React.DOM.div) but this was a great introduction to React & the ecosystem!