The NoSQL Store everyone ignores: PostgreSQL


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Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 10:48 on 27 Jun 2015

Enjoyed the talk, learned quite a lot of new tricks from Postgres.

Very interesting talk about postgres.

Loved the skipping of the xml :)

it gives a good view how to use postgrest for some hybrid applications that are using a mix of relational and nosql components.

Seems to me like its nosql capabilities will be another wasted chance for PostgreSQL, despite clear potential. Pity, but using weird SQL & json syntax to access so called NoSQL data seems to be a little unorthodox IMHO :)
Presentation was very good, some more complex details presented in a very clear way, so even on a Saturday morning I was able to catch up. Thank you!

Very informative and enjoyable talk.

A good talk from some points of view, but not an excellent one. Or maybe I didn't find it practical enough. For example - ok, you can use an array, but why and when it is useful? What about performance and memory?

Also, I hoped to hear about PostgreSQL JSON output, and the ability to write procedures in JavaScript.